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March 01 2020

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February ‘20 by vermillionlove 

ullzzang pistol PASTEL 女の子 et aliae remix // tomoya tomita kirby’s pad // lido money // nujabes rainy way back home // gangsta ost fabiana // moe shop notice (w/ toriena) // kami sama, boku wa kizuite shimatta namae no nai ao // boy pablo limitado // dramatical murder track 7 // jerango dreaming breeze // jack stauber’s micropop tea errors // clazziquai project tell yourself // grouplove good morning // gorillaz demon days //

happy leap day :)

February 19 2020

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my small horse by vermillionlove 

sogreatandpowerful on my own (abrantedr remix) // pinkiepieswear winter wrap up // sogreatandpowerful pinkie pie swear // sogreatandpowerful what went wrong // tripleblueshell e55 // derpidety the apple orchard // woodentoaster pinkie’s lie // mandopony the adventures of daring do // soaringflight above cloudsdale // alex s party with pinkie // averisimilitude flight to a dream planet: for the anniversary of sori 52 // assertive fluttershy boo hoo // metajoker i remember //

February 18 2020

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my small horse² by vermillionlove by vermillionlove

sogreatandpowerful on my own // f3nning evil enchantress // kreühn pöny music with different parts // the dash dub sweetie bot’s dream // kreühn pöny my wonder // alex s ultimate sweetie belle // pinkiepieswear flutterwonder // pinkiepieswear sunshine and celery stalks // sogreatandpowerful a beautiful heart // the living tombstone gypsy bard // facexplodie have peace again // tripleblueshell petal blast // facexplodie apple core //

February 07 2020

I finally made some playlists for december and january. well, technically they’ve been made all this time, but I put on the finishing touches. playmoss is cool in some ways and bad in others.

as for good things: it’s cool that you can see all the tracks right away. you don’t have to suffer through ads.

bad things: when listening to playlists, I can tell that a LOT of tracks won’t work for some reason and just get skipped over. that sucks. and I can’t seem to figure out how to rearrange tracks once they are added, if it is even possible. So if you want something to be on top, you have to add it last. it’s odd

and you can’t upload from your computer like with 8tracks. you must find a youtube / bandcamp link. soundcloud might work too idk.

I miss 8tracks :(

actually, 8tracks is still up. it seems to be streaming directly from youtube right now. everyone has plus accounts which is nice. but making playlists is disabled.

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January ‘20 by vermillionlove by vermillionlove

HOLYGRAM - Still There
Blackbear - Deadroses
Kurt Travis - It’s You
BTS - 고엽 autumn leaves

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December ‘19 by vermillionlove by vermillionlove

Bahamas - All The Time
Mac DeMarco - Salad Days
TOWA TEI - APPLE with Ringo Sheena
doujinshi - ~ summer is soon ~
Toby Fox - Rude Buster (Deltarune OST)
Ink Me Up (OST Version) - Splatoon
DAYSHELL - A Waste of Space

plus this missing track.

January 11 2020



it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine

December 30 2019

8tracks is closing down

in two days. they only gave 4 days notice. I only found out last night cause I happened to visit the site and see the banner with the news. the last day is new year’s eve but i’ll likely be doing something then, so i get to try and archive everything today. wdfkwjhfskjdfksjdfhjksd

I’m so disappointed by this :/ I would have made my december playlist, making 4 years (??) of monthly playlists since 2016. now all of it will be gone :(

anyway, rather than vent, I came to post something I realized that some people might not have thought to do, is to somehow back up your private/unfinished mixes.

December 18 2019

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the swirlix line are so chubby and cute! i love them ♡

December 16 2019


🌈 rainbow weather

December 06 2019

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November ‘19 by vermillionlove. *NEW* now on playmoss!

mother mother monkey tree // dazz band let it whip // the black keys go // crywolf halloween, 1987 // marie therese when you come home // in this moment black wedding // in this moment half god, half devil // post malone circles //

November 04 2019

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One medium Pepsi please.

October 31 2019

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October ‘19 by vermillionlove. *NEW* now on playmoss!

tokyo wanderer heartbreak // tokyo wanderer hollow groove // chase atlantic okay // mother mother alone and sublime // mother mother hay loft // GWSN pinky star // 6lack prblms (slowed + reverb) // plaza all mine // nothing but thieves honey whiskey //

October 04 2019

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 september ‘19 by vermillionlove. *NEW* now on playmoss!

nastya kazantseva endless sunset (-2 pitch) // that poppy money // snail’s house hot milk // far caspian between days // tokyo wanderer loveless // tokyo wanderer hurt feat. nameless warning) // britney spears criminal (slowed) // lady gaga alejandro (slowed) //

September 06 2019

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 august ‘19 by vermillionlove. *NEW* now on playmoss!

off the hook into the light // ribb0n ≧◡≦ // moe shop kawaii desho // toru minegishi splattack! // ozzie IDNY // khalid otw (pitched) // cocteau twins love’s easy tears // vanic somedays // DEAN howlin’ 404 //

August 24 2019


Tumblr: Don’t scroll past this! Don’t ignore this! No one’s talking about this!

I’m an adult who reads three different newspapers. This is Tumblr, where I go to get away from the news. If I don’t want to read something on Tumblr, I don’t have to. If I don’t reblog something, that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring it. I’m not talking about it here because I’m talking about it to people in my real life.

Tumblr is not where I come to get news, and quite frankly, it shouldn’t be.

August 22 2019

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Posted this in my old blog, which got deleted by mistake. And because I love these pics so much, I’m posting them again from my new blog.

Designs from a Pokemon Center notebook :)

August 18 2019



August 02 2019

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July ‘19 by vermillionlove. *NEW* now on playmoss!

travis scott goosebumps // the weeknd call out my name // eazy-e real muthaphukkin g’s // holy other with u // muchuu dancing with a ghost // rachel’s family protrait // heather woods broderick old son // wiz khalifa mr williams // darci come around // kyle feat. lil yachty hey julie! // flamingosis wearing a smile // steelix lay it down //

July 19 2019


A wild Genos appears

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