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April 28 2017

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April 13 2017

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Guys please reply to this with what your url means or references I’m really curious

April 12 2017


my phone: Storage Almost Full 

me: be quiet

April 11 2017

That scene from Eureka Seven with Anemone and the strawberry jam, that is me. But with salsa.

April 03 2017

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Eureka Seven returns!!

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March 31 2017

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click to listen :)

lights the listening // owl city bombshell blonde // satellite young フェイクメモリー(outrun electro remix) // MILA J hotline bling // santigold banshee // sweet talker burn it up all night // animal collective floridada // serani poji ロボの幸せ // hatsune miku sora no sakana // ricky eat acid god puts us all in the swimming pool // princess chelsea we’re so lost // astronaut & eyes pinball // omniboy bubblebee [ バブル ビー] // tame impala the moment //

March 22 2017

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Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s veil 16th anniversary.

March 18 2017

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March 17 2017


There’s going to be 3 new Eureka Seven movies!!! The fact that anemone is on one of the promotional pictures makes me hopeful that we’ll see some military action here and there!

I would looooove to see a whole movie about the military/dewey side of the story. Above all I want to see some dominic and anemone! :x AO was nice to see eureka and renton again (briefly), but there was barely a mention of A&D, I think the best they got was a shot of theEND, if i remember correctly… which was cool but they deserved more ;~;

March 16 2017

March 15 2017

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 Anemone v2♥ 

santigold banshee // crystal castles celestica // massive attack atlas air // seether diseased // school of seven bells half asleep // demon hunter the tide began to rise // marina & the diamonds the archetypes // gorillaz on melancholy hill // best coast feeling okay //

here’s the first playlist I made for her too :) http://8tracks.com/vermillionlove/anemone

March 01 2017

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Dominic & Anemone ♥

February 28 2017

 February ‘17 ~ click to listen

소녀시대 gee // rin kagamine tsukema tsukeru - つけまつける // 鏡音レン PONPONPON // fitz and the tantrums handclap (myles travitz remix) // spazzkid touch // BANKS this is what it feels like // pendulum blood sugar // f(x) 빙그르 (sweet witches) // coaltar of the deepers evil line // plastic tree 月の光をたよりに // 荒井由実 ひこうき雲 // coaltar of the deepers the end of summer // satellite young don’t graduate, senpai! //

February 26 2017

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February 22 2017

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February 20 2017

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February 15 2017

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 ♪ Ai Haibara fanmix ♪   ←  click to listen ^_^

dark party active // charlotte gainsbourg the operation // mother mother waiting for the world to end // massive attack the spoils (feat. hope sandoval) // crystal castles magic spells // sneaker pimps six underground // teeel masterplan // the national exile vilify // avenged sevenfold so far away // bush letting the cables sleep //

February 06 2017

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from twitter 8^)

(i love dominic)

January 31 2017

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 January ‘17

drab majesty 39 by design // kaki king life being what it is // dunderpatrullen taekwondo princess // them are us too eudaemonia // nick 13 carry my body down // blitzen trapper black river killer // eisley the winter song // hatano wataru you only live once // kero kero bonito i’d rather sleep // pink lion we are the crystal gems // moe shop love taste (w/ jamie paige & shiki) // anamanaguchi power supply // SNSD GEE japanese remix (tokyo highway night overdrive mix) // coaltar of the deepers DEAR FUTURE // subtact dive // neon bunny oh my prince // avec avec Day By Day feat.中江友梨 // lia ices little marriage // antihoney dove // mitsunori ikeda feat. aimee B fallen angel //

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