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February 15 2017

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 ♪ Ai Haibara fanmix ♪   ←  click to listen ^_^

dark party active // charlotte gainsbourg the operation // mother mother waiting for the world to end // massive attack the spoils (feat. hope sandoval) // crystal castles magic spells // sneaker pimps six underground // teeel masterplan // the national exile vilify // avenged sevenfold so far away // bush letting the cables sleep //

February 06 2017

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from twitter 8^)

(i love dominic)

January 31 2017

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 January ‘17

drab majesty 39 by design // kaki king life being what it is // dunderpatrullen taekwondo princess // them are us too eudaemonia // nick 13 carry my body down // blitzen trapper black river killer // eisley the winter song // hatano wataru you only live once // kero kero bonito i’d rather sleep // pink lion we are the crystal gems // moe shop love taste (w/ jamie paige & shiki) // anamanaguchi power supply // SNSD GEE japanese remix (tokyo highway night overdrive mix) // coaltar of the deepers DEAR FUTURE // subtact dive // neon bunny oh my prince // avec avec Day By Day feat.中江友梨 // lia ices little marriage // antihoney dove // mitsunori ikeda feat. aimee B fallen angel //

January 28 2017

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My bf got an Apple Watch…

January 23 2017

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☽ Usagi’s favorite VGMs ☾

hirokazu tanaka top score (tetris) // go inchinose national park (pokemon HGSS) // masato nakamura special stage (sonic 1) // 佐藤仁美 mystery gift (pokemon HGSS) // yasunori mitsuda rainbow castle (mario party) // toru minegishi sacred grove (twilight princess) // jun ishikawa save hut (kirby super star) // koji kondo great fairy’s fountain (ocarina of time) // koji kondo title theme (ocarina of time)

December 31 2016

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GHOST DATA blatant plagarism // CINDY angel touch // meltycanon fruits // 레드벨벳 somethin kinda crazy // BoA kiss my lips // DRAMAtical murder only finally there is a free end // church of the cosmic skull answers in your soul // splatoon ost credits // stbeauty borders // vespertown fancy // haim days are gone // sade by your side // kasbo world away // emancipator soon it will be cold enough to build fires // sky ferreira you’re not the one // glue70 casin // masayoshi soken equilibrium // gorillaz empire ants (feat. little dragon) //

December 23 2016

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 ぬちゅ・゚。 by vermillionlove.

lovage - strangers on a train | massive attack - paradise circus | kelly rowland - motivation | ginuwine - pony | the-dream - falsetto | giraffage - undress u | lana del rey - million dollar man | force of nature - same ol’ thing | nicki minaj feat. ariana grande - get on your knees | deadmau5 - hey baby | ratatat - cherry |

December 09 2016

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December 05 2016


*cancels plans* sorry i can’t come i’m ugly

December 04 2016

November 30 2016

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click here to listen :)

troye sivan bite // chloe martini love u so // joji medicine // spangle call lilli line nm // michelle lee without you (acoustic) // starship amazing crystal gods // odesza how did i get here // the qemists be electric // 柴咲コウ love searchlight // estelle conqueror // bernadette peters & steve martin tonight you belong to me // kehlani get away (esta. remix) // icepac you know how we get around // ciara overdose (dave luxe remix) // ZHU faded (PETIT BISCUIT remix) // p!nk just like fire // 

November 04 2016

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HE JSUSUT SHTIIS VOIEOELT NTY LLYT OANNDM?! ??!? !)R#)(RI )$#RI ()#R ()IROJFIEJ IGFJ$EGIJ#( TRJ)@rj()JRKLWKF FANNND IDMD MTHJSESAM HEH HEISDJ DIEM MCIOICIRJRJ $RHIUH#RT*H#R UIJKEG FIGWQ RWQ:RLKQLRKO:QRIP(IR(IR)IKFIMREKKF KL TÔI cười như đĩa لا استطيع التوقف عن الصراخ مثل يسوع المسيح  오 내가 그대로 이유가 똥 거룩한 하나님을 어떤 일이 일어나고 있는지 숨을 쉴 수없는 뇌졸중 데 오, 맙소사 사람이 이런 세상에 이런 사람이 오 사람 아 사람 ああ、私は文字通り理由がある船尾の神聖な神に何が起こっているのか息ができない脳卒中を抱えていますなんてこった男聖なるくそああああああ男男男

homie laughed himself asian

November 01 2016


logging on to tumblr on november 1stimage

October 31 2016

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click here to play :)

hatsune miku append that girl isn’t scared of me // YMCK 左折して右折して // eagles one of these nights // america ventura highway // ORESAMA wolf heart // amarante buried beneath //fleetwood mac rhiannon // DOLL$BOXX monopoly // sarahbaska somebody else // brigit mendler atlantis // the neighbourhood baby came home/valentine // halsey colors (stripped) // cuushe I dreamt about silence (teen daze remix) // modest mouse the world at large // modest mouse blame it on the tetons // widowspeak harsh realm // radiation city zombies // mcfly transylvania // lord huron the ghost on the shore //

October 27 2016

*pokemon walk into wall noise*

October 05 2016

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September 30 2016

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REOL Luvoratorrrrry! ver れをる feat.nqrse // flume smoke & retribution (medasin remix) // SYNCHRONICITY pizza sauce on my uggs… UHG! // k o m o n o ラムネ marble soda ラムネ // dark cat BUBBLE TEA (feat juu & cinders) // Cight Ⅷ sever (ft. cosmastly) // adhesivewombat 8bit adventure (spikedgrin remix) // mother mother waiting for the world to end // best coast feeling ok // DOLL$BOXX take my chance // DOLL$BOXX fragrance // 기리보이 선수 (feat. brother su & lovey) poppy lowlife // nicki minaj feat. ariana grande get on your knees // jubyphonic echo // kikuo ごめんね ごめんね // masatomo nakazawa kurage no uta //

September 21 2016

I realized I am actually just shipper trash when earlier while walking in the heat and humidity listening to music. I suddenly realized that the song fit with my OTP strangely well, and I felt an intense chill go through my body and all my little hairs stand on end, all while sweating in the direct sunlight

September 18 2016

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It has been over ten years and I still love Cowboy Bebop so much 💕🌌

And I also still can’t draw hands… 😂😑

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