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October 15 2017

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my mom got a pack of candles and only realized once she started putting them on the cake that they said “birthday boy” and not “happy birthday” so we made do

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October 14 2017

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 get spooky☻ by vermillionlove.

kristen chenoweth witchy woman // radiation city zombies // eagles one of these nights // the bird and the bee witch // kuroshitsuji ost order of the back society // imogen heap the beast // collide wings of steel // the national conversation 16 // jonathan coulton re: your brains // hawthorne heights nikki fm // warren zevon werewolves of london // hatsune miku append the full course for candy addicts // the mars volta eriatarka //

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October 06 2017

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i love dragon type moms so much

Dragon moms or best moms :3

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October 03 2017

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 September ‘17 by vermillionlove.

enoz god knows // sleigh bells road to hell // twenty one pilots heathens // PUZZLE there is a reason // ed tullett oxblood // broken social scene sweetest kill // fleece 白 川 北 白 川 豆 大 // iroha feat. rin kagamine meltdown //

September 27 2017

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 ⏭ shuffle #3 by vermillionlove.

wildhoney horror movie // cibo matto moonchild // the pillows bran new lovesong // シド ENAMEL // serani poji ロボの幸せ // yoko kanno waltz for zizi // she heartbeats // friendly fires paris (feat. au revoir simone) (aeroplance remix) //

September 19 2017

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 ⏭ shuffle #2 by vermillionlove.

anamanaguchi bosozuku GF // kero kero bonito i’d rather sleep // of monsters and men little talks // pogo the trouble // tsuneo imahori philosophy in a tea cup // nujabes peaceland // calvin harris limits // dixie chicks landslide //

September 13 2017

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Nagato Yuki by vermillionlove.

erik satie gymnopedie no. 1 // broken social scene guilty cubicles // sensi sye be mine // blackbird blackbird erasers // anamanaguchi snow angels // capsule DELETE // m83 the wizard // fischerspooner tone poem // flying lotus kill your co-workers / kiichi ハイイロ海岸 // she orbit // helio creation theme // minori chihara yasashii bokyaku //

September 01 2017

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August ‘17 by vermillionlove.

aphex twin fingerbib // mother mother aspiring fires // tennyson beautiful world // d'espairsray BRILLIANT // panda bear surfer’s hymn // unicorn kid goodbye // glowbug never get it back // itm 幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ~ Border of Life (Pyrotechnic mix) // billy idol eyes without a face // knife party fire hive (krewella remix) // televisor odyssey (feat danyka nadeau) // spire & the marphoi project roses // vybes water // traxx in the end // S U R F I N G moonlight // protector 101 runners // fury weekend till the dawn // altitude. trains. //

August 20 2017

reblog if ur icon is u irl

August 17 2017

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 ⏭ shuffle #1 by vermillionlove.

music work collection a town with an ocean view // sneaker pimps bloodsport // IIRIS tigerhead // my chemical romance helena // massive attack teardrop // big dismal missing you // tame impala the moment // young galaxy swing your heartache //

August 12 2017

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Come to think of it, in Hi Evo 1 the audience will probably see/hear Adroc say his famous Thurston family quote… ❤

August 04 2017

August 03 2017

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{Permission to upload granted by the artist}

TAKUMI’s art is also being sold as official clothing, art prints, phone cases and cleafile folders in collaboration with UNGREEPER, promoted by the staff of Eureka seveN Hi-Evolution! Purchase here.

July 31 2017

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 July ‘17 by vermillionlove.

triple H 灰色の水曜日 // triple H HIDE and SEEK // quellatalo nin ash-grey wednesday (vocaloid cover) // unicorn kid boys of paradise // LOCAL CONNECT 幸せのありか // emeralds candy shoppe // hatsune miku moonlight restaurant // XXYYXX alone // freetempo symmetry // faylan blood teller // dorkstranger spirited away synthwave // eisley golly sandra // 소녀시대 FLOWER POWER // arai yumi yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara // justin timberlake can’t stop this feeling // bruno mars 24k magic //

July 29 2017

July 15 2017

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July 12 2017

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July 02 2017



Reblog this and put your old urls (or as many as u can remember) in the tags

i’m gonna post this and seven seconds later someone is gonna pop in my ask box like SHIT THAT’S WHERE I KNOW YOU FROM

I’m also known on here as

But I never change my urls… never

June 30 2017

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June ‘17 by vermillionlove.

anamanaguchi viridian genesis // いとうかなこ by my side // little river band lady // tears for fears head over heels // pradius words in pictures // matt nathanson headphones (feat. lolo) // echosmith cool kids // travi$ scott drugs you should try it // elliot berger feat. laura brehm diamond sky // india shawn her // nanidato loving in this moonlight // games no disguise // theophilius london why even try (feat. sara quin) // phantogram don’t move // beacon drive // casa del mirto white chapel //

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